The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Alumni Past

*Current Members*

Erik Winfree
Professor of CMS, CNS, and BE
Algorithms in Nature
204b Moore, x6246,
Gabrielle Weise
Administrative Assistant
162b Moore, x4715,
Cameron Chalk
Postdoc, BE (BS & MS, Computer Science, UT Pan-Am / Rio Grand Valley, 2015/2017; PhD, ECE, UT Austin, 2022)
tile self-assembly theory, strand displacement circuits, CRNs, neural networks
204d Moore,
Yancheng Du
Postdoc, BE (Mechanical Engingeering, Tsinghua, 2017; PhD, Mechanical Engingeering, Purdue, 2023)
molecular motors, DNA origami, DNA condensates
204c Moore,
Salvador Buse
Graduate Student, BE (BA & MSci, Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2020)
systems & synthetic biology, pattern formation & morphogenesis
210c Moore, x6994,
Binglun Shao
Rotating Graduate Student, BE (BSE, Chemical & Biological Sciences, Princeton, 2022)
neural networks, machine learning, biological modeling, development
210a Moore,
Inhoo Lee
Undergraduate Student, CS
biomolecular Boltzmann machines
210b Moore,

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