DNA 17
17th International Conference on
DNA Computing and Molecular Programming

California Institute of Technology
Beckman Institute
Pasadena, California, USA
September 19 - 23, 2011

Meal Options

Caltech Campus

Chandler Cafe: Chandler is only open for breakfast and lunch, 7am-3pm. They have many meal options and are fast.

Ernie's Al Fresco: Ernie's Food truck offers the cheapest lunch option, and gives you a chance to experience classic LA: taco trucks! Ernie moves around; here is approximate schedule:

  • 11:45a - 1:40p: East side of Human Resources Building
  • 1:50p - 2:15: West side of Cahill
  • 2:20p - 2:40: East side of Beckman Institute
Here is a map showing Ernie's stops throughout the day.

Athenaeum: You may eat here if (and only if) you are staying at the Athenaeum (or are a guest of someone staying there).


There are many good restaurants on Lake Street between California and Colorado, and on Colorado and Green just north of the campus. Walking time is about 15 minutes each way to most of these restaurants.